Himalayan Pink Salt

Dating back to 300 million years, the once dissolved under water salt, surfaced as rock salt deposits at its only source, the Himalayan Mountains, Khewara salt mines in Pakistan.

Not only is it the healthiest but also the safest salt for human consumption because of its chemical composition and its purity which has been retained by banning any kind of pollutants and chemicals at the area in which it is hand-mined. It is popularly known as the ‘salt of life’ and considered as white gold by alchemists who know its purity. Pink salt is used by the locals to make salt lamps and used in many natural remedies because of its added health benefits. Pink salt is also known to be a primary special ingredient in luxury cosmetic and skin care products. Kinetik Group has the purest and finest quality of pink salt of all ranges and specification.

Kinetik Group ensures that the salt is 100 % All Natural, Pure, Organic and unadulterated. Himalayan Pink Salt being one of the purest salt available has a wide range of uses along with the healthiest salt containing essential trace minerals. Our team of experst is committed to provide the superlative quality salt to our customers around the globe. From household to industrial, table salt to bath salt and from cosmetic to pharmaceutical and all other industrial use, we cater to all. We are committed to provide our customer with the best quality pink salt making sure to protect it from all sort pollutants.