Our Petrochemicals division is engaged in the international trade and distribution of chemicals, petrochemicals and polymers. Kinetik Group is one of the fastest growing name in manufacture, distribution & trade of petrochemicals. We achieve this through a combination of physical off take and marketing agreements, olefin-to-polyolefin tolling, and select investment in high-yield strategic assets throughout the petrochemical supply chain. The company stands for high-quality commodities.

At the very heart of our business, we make sure that the commodity supplies are secure today as well as in the future. We commit on establishing strong, sustainable and durable relationships with our customers and partners, which are based on trust, expertise and performance.  This allows us to access a broad range of Base Oil and Petrochemicals Categories and to safely deliver them worldwide.




Olefins : These are basic raw materials for polymers and are building blocks of plastic, fibers and many chemicals.

Aromatics : Aromatics are used to make products for areas as diverse as medicine, hygiene, transport and telecommunications.