The term “Bunkering” originated in the days of ships fuelled by steam, when fuel, and coal was stored in bunkers. Bunkering today refers to the supply of fuel by ships, and includes the shipboard logistics of loading fuel and distributing it among available bunker tanks. Bunker generally refers to the storage of petroleum products in tanks, and the practice and business of refueling ships.

Bunkers division plays vital role for the company as far as revenue generation is concerned. GRAPH COMMODITIES is registered with most of top ship owners of UAE for supplying in accordance with ISO8217, using only the best product sources, considering price, quality, environment and general performance. Being diversified global trading group allows GRAPH COMMODITIES to offer our customers an end to end experience. We feel ownership of our products and know it has been sourced, shipped and supplied in compliance with regulations. Our bunkers can carry the following fuel grades : IFO-380 cSt, IFO-180 cSt, MDO and MGO.


IFO-380 cSt: Intermediate fuel oil with a maximum viscosity of 380 centistokes. (Less than 3.5% Sulphur)
IFO-180 cSt: Intermediate fuel oil with a maximum viscosity of 180 centistokes.(Less than 3.5% Sulphur)
Marine Diesel Oil (MDO) : Also called “Distillate Marine Diesel”, MDO is widely used by medium and high speed marine diesel engines.
Marine Gas Oil (MGO): A marine fuel that consist exclusively of distillates, MGO is used in smaller medium to high speed auxiliary units or auxiliary motors and ship’s engines.