Bulk Cargo

KINETIK GROUP strong relationships are central to our bulk cargoes business and they enable us to respond efficiently to the requests of our customers

We have in-depth awareness of market developments through our activities in all the major oil trading forums. Complementing this with our worldwide network of offices, we have both a global perspective and local insight into real time market dynamics.

Our Management processes are molded to bring value to all our divisions. We use this as our competitive advantage. At GRAPH COMMODITIES, we comprehensively understand the evolving dynamics within the market that allows us to manage risk and optimize value effectively. In this division we usually trade in products like Fuel Oil, Gasoil, Gasoline and Base Oil.




Fuel Oil : It is produced from the burnable liquids derived from crude oil. Fuel Oil is mainly used for heating purposes, eith er commercial or industrial. It is also used to light up furnaces, produce steam for industrial uses and for generating electric energy.
Gas Oil: Also called red diesel, this fuel is used in various industrial, commercial and agricultural applications.
Gasoline : Commonly known as petrol, gasoline is primarily used as a fuel in spark plug ignited internal combustion engines.
Base Oil: An important raw material in the lubricant and grease industries, base oil is manufactured by refining crude oil.